Patrick Hamilton’s dark humour.

A number of readers have said how in my story 'That Scoundrel Emile Dubois' they enjoyed my facetious use of capitals to emphasize certain phrases (there are probably many who did NOT enjoy it, but never mind about that). I borrowed the idea from a famous writer and playwright of the early part of the … Continue reading Patrick Hamilton’s dark humour.

Always Here When Needed Award

Now, here's a lovely badge, I love butterflies. I am ancient enough to remember when before the crop sprays and other environmental destruction hadn't exterminated most of them, and I remember a pile of stones my father had left to create a rock garden being covered in basking butterflies on a hot summer's day. Rant, … Continue reading Always Here When Needed Award

Blog Blitz

Coming soon - Goodreads Indie Author's Support Group's Blog Blitz. I'll be featuring a very cerebral and interesting author named Victoria... We'll all be doing a feature on another member, so I've keyboarded off (hey, I like that phrase) about my own writing elsewhere... I apologise for that rather pathetic looking banner. It's meant to … Continue reading Blog Blitz