Thank you to Thomas Cotterill for awarding me this.

Thomas Cotterill who’s blog is always fascinating, and which is guaranteed to exercise your mind

having kindly awarded me this, I can pass on the favour.

Well, first has to be my writing partner, Jo Danilo. She made me do a fair number of rewrites – particularly about those fight scenes – and she was so right! I can never thank her enough.
She has written some exceptional paranormal YA, including ‘The Curtain Twitchers’ and ‘11.32’ .

She is exceptional in having been able to write such excellent books, for she works full time and has a young family too and has even trained to rescue whales and conservation issues besides. Her blog is:-

Then, there is Rebecca Lochlann, whose brilliant series ‘Child of the Erinyes’ has not long been out.  I said from when I first started on ‘The Year God’s Daughter’ that these were potential classics.

Then, there is Anne Carlisle. I had to nominate her for her heroine alone, although the rest of the book ‘The Fire Night Ball’ just happens to be a great, exciting read.

How many main female characters in current novels are the ones who make the jokes?  But Marlena Mae Bellum is not only a siren with waist length red hair and an hour glass figure, a sharp business woman and a witch by virtue of her hereditary, she’s also a wonderful wit.

Also, Lauryn April.  Her book ‘Into the Deep’ written for YA but a delightful read for any age, shows much insight in the linking of the psychic and the psychological, and combining the paranormal with an everyday school setting. I loved those characters, Lauryn!

Very likely these writers have got the award already, but just in case.

Keep on writing that wonderful stuff…

Finally, I would like to nominate Tersia for a blog harrowing and courageous, which faces issues we will all have to face at some point in our lives.

3 thoughts on “Ooh, Thanks, An Award, Must Nominate some Great Writers…

  1. You are wonderful and I love you xxx
    Thanks, once again, for nominating me! If I had more time to network and make more writer friends I could pass on some nominations of my own, but there you go…!
    Well done on a brilliant blog, Lucinda, and a fantastic book too 🙂

    1. Love you too, Jo! xxx.

      You deserve to become a multi millionaire so that you only need work outside the home in writing from your yacht anchored off the coast of Southern France, and starting a publishing company, of which I would be a client…

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